Audiology Section:

HFAD’s experienced & qualified staff fulfills the audiology care of infants, children and adults. Our goal is to make sure each child has consistent access to sound, which is necessary for optimal speech and language development. We work together with the child’s family and all members of the child’s professional team.
The HFAD audiology section has been providing its services from 1990 but after shifting in the existing building we have a professionally planned setup providing dedicated sound treated cabins for assessment. We the have most updated equipment that is necessary for hearing health care.
Our Audiological section also facilitates other institutes like, by providing practical observer ship for FMH, hearing assessment for CNGPL employees & Amin Maktab.


Audiological services that are provided to students enrolled & OPD client at HFAD include:
Comprehensive hearing evaluations for all enrolled students & OPD clients
Hearing Evaluations;
Screening (OAEs otoacoustic emissions )
Middle Ear Functioning (Tympanometry )
Diagnostic (Auditory Brain Response (ABR)
Diagnostic (Pure Tone Audiometry-PTA)

To ensure appropriate access to sound for each student’s speech, language and listening development, audiologists collaborate with each student’s educational team.
Earmold impressions and fitting
Hearing aid dispensing according to the Audiologist recommendation
Hearing aid programming and verification for the student’s & Client’s hearing loss
Fitting and management of school personal assistive technology equipment (also known as FM)
Hearing aid & accessories repairing & maintenance.
Daily listening checks of hearing equipment (hearing aids, cochlear implants, and FM) to make sure each child has access to sound