Speech Section:

The Speech Section at HFAD consists of 19 licensed and certified speech-language pathologists. Our qualified Speech language therapists aim to develop spoken language and literacy through listening. With appropriate amplification, early intervention, family commitment, and quality therapy services, students who are deaf or hard of hearing are often able to achieve listening and spoken language skills.


All students who are interested in enrollment at HFAD receive a speech and language evaluation
Students who are deaf or hard of hearing are formally evaluated for articulation, language, and vocabulary periodically
Counseling & guidance of families are provided as needed


Individualized listening, speech, and language sessions are provided for students’ preschool through three grades who are deaf or hard of hearing on daily biases & thrice in a week for upgrade classes. SLPs target each individual child’s specific needs. They also focus on some characteristic difficulties for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. These include difficulties with suprasegmental aspects of speech, pragmatic language and auditory skills

OPD Services

The HFAD Speech-Language Pathology Program currently offers evaluations and therapy services for children of all ages.

Our speech-language pathologists have expanded to welcome children of all needs, though we continue to be specialists in hearing loss. We are experienced in a wide range of communication delays and disorders and aim to empower families to be partners in our therapy plans.

We support children & adults with needs including, but not limited to:
Receptive Language Delays (understanding language)
Expressive Language Delays (saying words, late talkers, etc.)
Speech Sound Disorders (articulation of sounds)
Hearing Loss
Pragmatics (social skills)
AAC (alternative and augmentative communication)
Fluency (stuttering)
Motor speech disorders (Muscle weakness/dysarthria and motor planning/apraxia)