Message from Chairman BOT

Dear Parents!

We are heartened by your decision to entrust to us the education of your child. We take this opportunity to extend to you our warmest greetings.

Hamza Foundation Academy for the Deaf is the recognized leader of all the institutions dealing with education of hearing impaired children. Alhamdolillah we have achieved considerable success in this specialized field and we hope to impart to your child the benefits of our experience and the specialized skills that we have developed at our Academy.

Our endeavour will be not only to educate your child but to make him or her a useful contributing member of society by the time he/she completes the education with us. However, we must make it clear, at the outset, that our efforts will need your active and continuous support. For a hearing impaired child the learning process does not end with class hours. It has to continue at home also.

Parent-teacher meetings and relationships are of pivotal significance. We will even otherwise be available to you whenever you need to consult.

Let us jointly work for the welfare of your child and pray that Almighty Allah shall bless our efforts.

Yours Sincerely
Chairman Board of Trustees