Speech 1 (Academics)

This program focuses on the special needs of deaf & hard of hearing students of HFAD, from class playgroup to B.A. Through our speech & languages services, each child receives individualized instruction in auditory & listening skills, language development of speech on daily basis in early classes & twice in a week in high classes. Specialized tutoring & observation suits are equipped with one-way mirrors & audio system for sessions to be monitored by parents, staff, other professionals & teachers.

Home Plan

Daily practice of speech is very important in achieving carry over goals. Speech therapists
provide students daily home task for maintaining and carry over speech sounds.


Parents Training Program

Speech therapists provide guidelines to parents of hearing impaired students and train them
for their children better learning.

Speech 2

Early Intervention

Early Intervention is a section for pre-school training of the beginner’s level students to help
them using their residual hearing to enhance their pre-speech and language skills with the
ambition to make them able to study in the regular/special classes.

Course Duration:            1 Year
Admission Criterion:     3 to 4 Years
Class Timings:                 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM



This section was established with the aim to work on the speech and language skills for hard
of hearing and cochlear implanted students to help them improve their listening skills, so that
they may enter into mainstream with confidence.

Course Duration:           02 Year
Admission Criterion:    Hearing Impaired
Age Limit:                       Based on selected group

Speech OPD (Out Patient Department)

An independently operated “Outdoor Patients Department” has been established to provide
better services of Speech & Language Therapy to the patients who are suffering from any
type of disorder which may affect their speech and language skills such as:

Stammering/stuttering          Cluttering
Articulation disorder              Autism
Cerebral palsy                            Dysphagia
Dysarthria                                   Cleft palate / lip
Voice disorders                        Mental Retardation
Aphasia                                        Stroke
Dementia                                   Alzheimer’s Disease
Parkinson’ Disease  

“If you have questions about your child’s speech,an evaluation should be performed.
HFAD speech therapist can perform full diagnostic testing for the identification of speech problems & Speech Therapy session”.