Mission Statement

To help Hearing Impaired Children to Reach the Highest Possible Level of

Independence and Adjustment in the Homes and Their Society”.


Educational facilities for the hearing impaired children are far less as compared to the large number of such cases in Lahore and in the country at large. The educational facilities provided to these children were not up to the required standards. To provide education to the Hearing Impaired Children on modern and scientific lines, Hamza Foundation authorities decided to setup an institute with an aim to provide the Hearing Impaired Students with quality education and social rehabilitation.


Hamza Foundation Academy for the Deaf, Lahore was established in September, 1988 for education, training and rehabilitation of the Hearing Impaired Children in line with the aims and objectives of the Foundation.


Hamza Foundation Academy for the Deaf is the project of Hamza Foundation which is a registered Welfare Trust Organization. The origin of Hamza Foundation dates back to 1954, when Late Mian Muhammad Amin S/O Late Mian Muhammad Hayat established Sabira Masjid in Sher Shah, Karachi, with a view to make it a center for imparting basic Islamic teachings to the children of the destitute living in the area. After his death on May 28, 1967, his successors decided to lay the foundation of a social welfare institution in his memory.


A body named “AMIN HAYAT TRUST” was constituted with the ultimate objective of developing it into a grand charitable organization. Its name was changed in 1978 to HAMZA FOUNDATION and got it registered as a Welfare Trust. The name “HAMZA” was picked up in reverence of Hazrat Ameer Hamza, the uncle of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him).


152-J-1, M.A. Johar Town Lahore, Pakistan.

Tel: 0092-42-35300072, 35303968


Audiology Department

Speech Department

Psychology Department

I.T Section

Sports Section

PSL Section


From Play Group to 8th Grade

From 9th to B.A

Hardware & Networking

Stitching & Designing

Textile Designing Diploma

Graphics Designing Diploma

Beautician Diploma

Computer Application & Office Professional

Bachelor in Art (BFA)

Graphic Designing

Bachelor in Art (BFA)

Textile Designing

HFAD has started BS Honors Audiology Program with the affiliation of university of health sciences

OPD Services

Goals For The Welfare Of Community

The major goal of out-patient department in HFAD is to provide all the facilities (audiology, speech and psychology) under one roof for the convenience of the patients. It aims to help people to get best therapy and services at affordable rates.

Speech Department

It was established in 2013 with the aim to provide speech and language
assessment and therapy for all types of speech and language disorders
not only for academy students but also for all out patients having
problems like (articulation disorder, stammering, voice disorders,
dysarthria, speech and language delay etc.

Assessment and management of all types of speech and language disorders for all age groups. Including
➢ Stammering
➢ Articulation
➢ Speech and language delay
➢ Dysarthria
➢ Voice disorders
➢ Speech and language delay due to hearing impairment
➢ Aphasia

Audiology Department

In 2002, separate audiology section was established. It is equipped with latest digital equipment with in academy premises.​

HFAD is providing thesefacilities to outpatients:
❖ Audiological Assessment
  ➢ Otoacustic Emission (OAE)
  ➢ Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
  ➢ Tympanometery
  ➢ Puretone Audiometery (PTA)
  ➢ Conditioned Play Audiometery (CPA)
  ➢ Speech Audiometry
❖ Ear mould fabrication
❖ Hearing aid dispensing
❖ Counselling and guidance

Psychology Department

Objectives of psychological OPD services are to provide refined treatment and
intervention strategies related to mental health and well being. Services include
➢ Consultation and guidance
➢ Assessment with the help of reliable and valid tools for these problems:
1. Neurodevelopmental disorders
2. Intellectual functioning
3. Behavior related issues
4. Learning and academics difficulties
5.Adolescent and adult psychotherapy

Our Alumni

Arshia Khan


Zeeshan Nasar

Graduation (2004-2006)

Anam Rafiq

Inter (2004-2006)

Asad Imtiaz

Graduation (2008-2010)