Medical Wing:

Amin Hayat Memorial Medical Centers, under the management of Hamza Foundation, are providing free medical services to deserving patients. There are five medical centers, two in Lahore, one each at Kasur, Hussain Khanwala and Shershah Karachi. During the past four decades, AHMMC’s have served millions of patients providing medical care in various fields i.e. General Medicine,Diabetes, Nutrition, Hypertension, Tuberculosis, Eye Care, Gynecology, Childcare, Vaccination, Dentistry, Radiology and Ultra-sinology (USG).

AHMMC Pakki Thatti Samna bad

This was the first medical centre established by Hamza Foundation in 1978, and is situated in a densely populated area of Lahore, Pakki Thatti Samna bad. This centre is located in a new building constructed in 1990.


This medical centre, located in a thickly populated area of Kasur, started working on 30th September, 1988.There is a dental surgeon, an eye specialist, four male doctors and a lady doctor are serving in the centre

AHMMC Ferozepur Road

This medical centre is located near Glaxo Laboratory at main Ferozepur Road Lahore. Besides treatment for common ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure, eye diseases,family planning services are also at hand.

AHMMC Karachi

Since 1988 Amin Hayat Memorial Medical Centre in Shershah Karachi providing quality medical services at highly subsidized rates following the under-mentioned times.

AHMMC Hussain Khanwala

The foundation is providing health care services to the people living in rural areas around Kasur which is being neglected by government as well as non government organizations.