Amin Hayat Memorial Medical Center Kasur & Hussain Khan Wala is OPD based Medical Services Provider under the supervision of the Hamza foundation. AHMMC Kasur has been working since October 1988, and AHMMC Hussain Khan Wala has been working since 1992.

Services offered by AHMMC Kasur


Diabetic & Hypertensive Clinic    

We are providing quality treatment to diabetic & hypertensive patients according to international standards 

Gynecology OPD  

General checkups of female patients, antenatal, family planning, infertility etc., providing best services through Women Medical Officers.

Eye Department  

Following initial examinations, we provide the best treatment for eye patients.Low vision and fundoscopy are treated by an experienced eye surgeon from LRBT.  

Dental Clinic

Apart from routine dental checkups of patients, we also provide procedural services like scaling, extraction, permanent filling, a temporary filling, laser filling, RCT, and dental prosthetic work through our dental surgeons and highly professional staff.

X-RAY Unit

We provide quality digital X-ray with reports at the cheapest rate in the Kasur district. We have the latest digital X-ray AGFA CR-30 machine. 


Our laboratory is one of the best and most well-known laboratories in the city. We have been providing the best quality and most accurate hematology and chemistry test results for the last 34 years.


We provide the best ultrasound services with the best reporting through the most competent Sinologists

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Female Sinologist)

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Male Sinologist)


We are providing ECG services through ECG Operator.

Dietitian services

We provide the best diet plans to diabetic, hypertensive, and obese patients and the general public through professional MPhil dietitians.  

General OPD

We provide medical services to all types of patients. 

Details of all free services.

We provide free medicine, including insulin, as well as free investigations to entitled patients and families. Free insulin is provided to patients under the age of eighteen years. 

Medical Center Timings (Kasur & Hussain Khan Wala)

8:00 am to 2:00 pm (Monday to Saturday)

8:00 am to 12:00 pm (Friday)

Number of Patients served between July 2019 to March 2022

240,811 patients were served at AHMMC Kasur  

43632 patients were served at AHMMC Hussain Khan Wala


Details of Medical Camps Arranged during the Last Year (2021)

Free Sugar Camp = 13

Free Uric Acid Camp = 4

Free Medicine Camp = 8

BMD Camp = 2

Asthma Camp = 2

Cholesterol Camp = 1



Outside Kot Rukan Din Khan Kasur

Contact: 049-2728760.


Chowk Hussain Khan Wala near Government Girls High School

Contact: 049-2730444