About Us

Hamza Foundation was originated by the establishment of Sabra Masjid back in 1954, now it’s a welfare, Non- Governmental charitable organization serving humanity countrywide in numerous domains!

Our Story

The origin of Hamza Foundation dates back to 1954, when late Mian Muhammad Amin s/o late Mian Muhammad Hayat established Sabra Masjid in Shershah Karachi, with a view to make it a center of imparting Basic Islamic Teachings to the children of the destitutes living in the area. After his death on May 28, 1967, his successors decided to lay the foundation of a social welfare institution in his memory. A body named “Amin Hayat Trust” was constituted with the ultimate objective of developing it into a grand charitable organization. Its name was changed in 1978 to Hamza Foundation and got it registered as a welfare trust. The name “Hamza” was picked up in reverence of Hazrat Ameer Hamza, the uncle of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

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