Religious Affairs
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Our Vision

“To Make This World A Better Place By Serving Humanity In The Areas Of Education, Healthcare And Rehabilitation Based On Excellence, Being A Self-Sustainable Organization.”

Who We Are?

Hamza Foundation, a non-profit organization, is working for the betterment of society, especially the marginalized communities, thus running several projects under its umbrella. The Hamza Foundation Academy For The Deaf (HFAD) provides modern and scientific education to Hearing Impaired Children while the Sabra School provides education to the students of less privileged societies. The Foundation offers health services at subsidized rates to deserving patients at its several medical centers in different areas. The Foundation is also managing numerous mosques in Karachi, Lahore, and Kasur to provide basic education and the propagation of genuine Islamic tenets among the new generation.

Hamza Foundation Academy
For The Deaf:

Hamza Foundation Academy started with a mission that seeks to give the quality education to Hearing Impaired students thereby providing them a brighter future. This year has been a year of remarkable achievements, progress and success in the of vocational rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired students.

Our Mission

To provide education to the Hearing Impaired children on modern and scientific lines, Hamza Foundation authorities decided to set up an institute with an aim to provide the Hearing Impaired students with quality education and social rehabilitation.

Medical Wing

Amin Hayat Memorial Medical Centers (AHMMC), under the management of the Hamza Foundation, are providing free medical services to needy patients. Hamza Foundation has five medical centers: two in Lahore; one each in Kasur, Hussain Khanwala, and Shershah Karachi. AHMMC’s have treated millions of patients in the last four decades, offering medical care in various specialties such as General Medicine, Diabetes, Nutrition, Hypertension, Tuberculosis, Eye Care, Gynecology, Childcare, Vaccination, Dentistry, Radiology, and Ultra-sinology (USG).
In these medical centers: pathologists, radiologists, sonologist, four dental surgeons, four eye specialists, four female doctors, and ten male doctors are serving. Moreover, a large team of 94 paramedical staff: nine laboratory technicians, five X-Ray technicians, two ECG technicians, fourteen qualified dispensers, dental assistants, vaccinators, midwives, and dieticians available at these centers, are dedicated to providing their services. Hamza Foundations’ medical centers collectively are providing affordable medical services to around 300,000 patients yearly basis.

Religious Affairs

Hamza Foundation (HF) Is Working On The Propagation Of Genuine Islamic Tenets Among The New Generation, Imparting Basic Islamic Education Encompassing The Quran, Nazra, And Hifz-E-Quran. For This Purpose, HF Has Built Several Mosques And Is Responsible For The Management And Maintenance Of Shamim Masjid, Karachi; Pakki Thatti, Samanabad, Lahore; And Dhunda Masjid, Kasur.

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