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Hamza Foundation focuses on providing impeccable medical and health facilities through Amin Hayat Medical Memorial Centers.

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Hamza Foundation Academy For The Deaf:

Hamza Foundation Academy Started With A Mission That Seeks To Give The Quality Education To Hearing Impaired Students Thereby Providing Them A Brighter Future. This Year Has Been A Year Of Remarkable Achievements, Progress And Success In The Field Of Vocational Rehabilitation Of The Hearing Impaired Student

Medical Wing:

Amin Hayat Memorial Medical Centers, under the management of Hamza Foundation, are providing free medical services to deserving patients. There are five medical centers, two in Lahore, one each at Kasur, Hussain Khanwala and one at Shershah Karachi. During the past four decades, AHMMC’s have served millions of patients providing medical care in various fields i.e. General Medicine, Diabetes, Nutrition, Hypertension, Tuberculosis, Eye Care, Gynecology, Childcare, Vaccination, Dentistry, Radiology and Ultra-sinology (USG)

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Religious Affairs:

Working towards running religious affairs by building and managing mosques like Shamim Masjid, Pakki Thatti, Samanabad and Dhunda Masjid, Kasur. In addition to that, the facility aslo deals with imparting basic Islamic education encompassing Quran, Nazra, and Hifz-e-Quran.

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